“Saint Michael’s exists to help people with terminal illness to live and die well”.

We are happy and honoured to support Saint Michael’s and their brilliant fundraising team in their unceasing quest to raise the £3m+ needed every year to keep the doors of Saint Michael’s open.

The Midnight Walk is a fantastic yearly sponsored event, at midnight, for 6 miles around Harrogate.

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“The generous time and considerable talents that VWP have brought to some of Saint Michael’s fundraising events have been as valuable as they have been gratefully received.

With relentless enthusiasm, Katie and Gary continue to bring a creative spark to our projects in the same measure as their dedication to the overall cause.

They took the time to understand Saint Michael’s ethos and have subsequently been able to add great value to our fundraising efforts.

Personable, passionate and professional, VWP are all that and more.

We are delighted to be beneficiaries of their goodwill and excellent production services.”

Cora Purnell, Director of Communications, Saint Michael’s Hospice